SJT Play Reading; Approved

A very welcome return of the SJT play reading, the first of the year, surely the most entertainment you can get for a fiver.  Basically a run though of very fresh in writing with actors reading from a script after limited rehearsal time.

”Approved” is a new work by Misha Duncan-Barry, a Yorkshire-based playwright and actor, a dystopian tale of three friends attempting to pass a course designed to condition them to conform in a 1984-like future society remembering at all times that “this is the way”.

”Legacy daughter” Zara, part of the founding family, is all set for an easy ride but, as time goes on, starts to reel against the very establishment she is part of, leading to some frenzied events as things come to a head.

An interesting and disturbing take on what the future holds which has all the makings of a great production.

Hats off to the five brilliant actors who managed so effortlessly to bring this to life and to The SJT for working tirelessly to develop new work.