Scarborough Fair’s Back

The song “Scarborough Fair” is known worldwide yet Scarborough last held a fair back in the 18th century.  The original Scarborough Fair was granted a royal charter in 1253 and attracted merchants from every corner of the globe, selling to hundreds of visitors every August and September.

As one of their final acts, prior to being abolished on April 1st, Scarborough Borough Council has approved a £2.25m budget for a “new and reimagined” Scarborough Fair planned as a year-round programme of events.

A council report revealed that £1.5 million will come from the Towns Deal fund and £750,000 from the authority’s 2022/23 financial strategy.  The council explained that instead of being a commercial event the fair will “be the banner under which a wide-ranging and inclusive cultural programme will sit” with events planned up until 2026.

The programme of events may include a winter lights festival, an affordable art trail, an international street art festival, and a music and action sports festival.

It will also “commence fundraising to support the project and its sustainability”.