Review – Rotten

This new play, by emerging writer Josie White, is described as “Hitchcock meets Lord of the Flies”

Three young actresses, Saoirse, Coco, and Sonia dream of fame as they struggle to survive in their London flat share, that broke they even fail to keep the lights on.

As they spend their hours preparing for audition after audition and peering out of the window they spot Instagram ‘celebrity’ Iris Montague-Willis and become fascinated about her privileged and exciting life, to the point of filming her.

Despite Iris’s recent announcement of her high profile engagement, the girls are shocked to see her kissing a woman and, in collusion with Sonia’s drug dealer boyfriend Ross, a plan to blackmail her develops.

This plan strays far from plan and the play takes a turn into a fast-paced farce with a series of double-crossings, twists and turns. This is brilliantly directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair and superbly delivered by the talented, young cast of five.

A thoroughly entertaining evening exploring very current themes.