Review – Oh What a Lovely War

Things kick off well with the cast engaging with the audience, gradually drawing you in before curtain up.

Brilliant directed by Nicky Allpress this production is fast-paced and beautifully choreographed, utilising using every tool in the acting toolbox with all the talented cast acting their socks off, playing multiple instruments and singing beautifully.

The tragic tale of the ‘Great War’ is told in simple terms and expertly combines some breathtaking facts of the eye watering loss for human life, projected above the stage, with the gallows humour of the poor souls involved in the “war to end all wars”.

If only it really did end all wars. The play was created by Joan Littlewood in 1963 recognising that little had been learned by the two world wars and wanted to give voice to the ordinary soldier, set as a musical farce with actors portrayed as pierrots, contrasting the horrors of war with slapstick comedy.

The timing is salient given the world is again experiencing wars on many fronts so hats off to Blackeyed Theatre for the revival.

A thoroughly great evening out.

The SJT until Saturday