Review – Hancock’s Half Hour

For those too young to remember the genius of Tony Hancock he was a leading comedy light in the 1950s and 60s with a unique style of laconic humour.

His radio show “Hancock’s Half Hour” had a huge following, charting the life of “Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock” and his friends, played by, amongst others, Sid James and Kenneth Williams.

Written by Galton & Simpson, the creators of Steptoe & Son, a radio recording of which was also brilliantly recreated previously at the SJT.

This production had a lot to live up to, attempting to capture the feel and genius of the original show, and it achieved that in spades.

As the announcer entered the stage and the “recording” light came on you were transported back in time to another era as the incredibly strong cast so effectively recreated the comedic brilliance of days gone by, complete with asides to the audience and furtive glances between the cast.

John Hewer’s portrayal of Hancock was absolutely spot-on and a special mention must go to Colin Elmer as Kenneth Williams, who had the audience eating out of his hand.

Hats off to all involved.

On at The Stephen Joseph Theatre for two performances, Tuesday October 3rd.