Review – ‘Feel Me’

It’s not every performance you attend where you are positively encouraged to leave your phones turned on, so this was a little different from the start.

After attending literally hundreds of productions over many years anything different is always welcome.

We were asked to scan a QR code to take us to their website and then answer various questions, firstly influencing the production and then on our feelings on the subject (which we will keep to ourselves to save spoiling things).

What followed was a mixture of interpretive dance and abstract performance, intended to provoke reaction and later using further feedback via our phones to see how perceptions changed. It was impressive how technology was woven into the production throughout, especially when the camera was turned on the audience.

The three performers, in their 20s, described themselves as woke, amongst other things, and very much presented their views as younger people, possibly in a naive way but nonetheless refreshing.

Given the troubled world we live in the content certainly provided food for thought and ensured you left the theatre in deep discussion.

Stephen Joseph Theatre, Wednesday Feb 28th, 1.30pm