Review – DNA


When bullying goes too far and results in an unplanned death a group of teenagers panic and decide to cover this up, a deception that works, framing an innocent man.

As they reflect on their actions the teenagers views are mixed but then the big question is what happens if dead student comes back to life?

DNA is the very first production of the Stephen Joseph Theatre’s Young Company and what an impressive start! The cast delivered a polished, confident performance and showing strong signs of some future stars. The entire, large cast performed brilliantly and, although hard to single any one member out, Hannah Curtis as Leah delivered an amazing performance.


Praise must also go to Director/Designer Rob Salmon for putting pulling this together and making the first production of the Young Company a huge success.


A great choice of play too, Dennis Kelly’s piece written for young people and dealing with issues like cruelty, bullying, peer pressure and pack mentality and questioning whether these behaviours are in our DNA or a reflection of society?

The Stephen Joseph Theatre until Saturday