New Wildlife Camera in Scarborough Harbour

The Wild Eye art and nature programme, which throws a spotlight on Scarborough’s amazing coastal wildlife, in partnership with SeaGrown, the UK’s first major offshore seaweed farm, are launching a live stream camera stream.

Mounted on the mast of their ship, MV Southern Star, moored in Scarborough Harbour, it will monitor the comings and goings of the busy harbour and the North Sea.

Wild Eye, the art and nature programme celebrating Scarborough’s incredible wildlife and coastal environment, have partnered with SeaGrown, the UK’s first large-scale offshore seaweed farm, to launch a live stream from a camera positioned on the mast of their vessel, MV Southern Star, docked in Scarborough Harbour.

The Southern Star is a research vessel which also has a cafe, restaurant and visitor centre.

See the live stream here: