Karen Jonas Trio

Karen Jonas Trio


Scarborough debut for this alt.country sensation. Americana/Alt-Country songwriter Karen Jonas knows how to tell a story. Her new album The Restless (3.3) is “a stunning collection of dreamy and dark alt-country confessionals; a deep exploration of love and vulnerability from one of Americana’s most hopeless romantics” (Holler.Country). With “vocals that twist and snap with tension and emotional depth” and a dynamic band, it’s no wonder Karen is turning heads all around the world (Country Music People, U.K.). Flanked by her longtime guitarist the inimitable Tim Bray, bassist Seth Morrissey and Seth Brown on drums, she dazzles with energy that showcases their nine-year touring chemistry and the true joy of their art. Karen has released five full-length records and is a three-time Wammie (Washington Area Music) Award winner for Best Country and Americana Artist, Mid Atlantic Song Contest winner, Ameripolitan Award nominee, and official SXSW and UK Americanafest Showcasing Artist. As Parklife Mag DC put it, “the voice of country music in the DMV is a big, bright voice that belongs to Virginia native Karen Jonas.” KIND WORDS FROM AROUND THE WORLD her skill in weaving words and phrases into her lyrics is one that few others can match – Country Music People, U.K. Karen Jonas has experienced enough bitter disappointments to be able to sing reliably about fate’s blows, broken dreams, and recurring demons – Rolling Stone Germany imaginative and inspired work – Saving Country Music collaborative chemistry, laser-sharp dynamics and intricate arrangements – Folk and Tumble, Ireland the versatility of Karen Jonas is fascinating, enjoyable and successful! Real Roots Cafe, The Netherlands

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October 5, 2024 (12:00 am) – October 5, 2024 (12:00 am)

Old Parcels Office, Westborough, Scarborough YO11 1TU