Hollywood Plaza in Scarborough

Path Peasholm Park Scarborough

Path Peasholm Park Scarborough

The Hollywood Plaza in Scarborough opened to the public in 1918. The Scarborough North Bay Cinema started as an elegant Edwardian Hall with a single balcony. It showed silent films to the public but being outside the centre of the Scarborough town centre, it struggled out of season and closed down.

It then was dismantled inside and it sadly became a garage until the 1980’s but then Arthur Turner, seeking a home for his Wurlitzer organ that he had bought (when it was removed from the Ipswich ABC Cinema) reconverted the old cinema back as a cinema.

The Hollywood Plaza Cinema has a single steep bank of seats but unfortunately all the plasterwork was lost long ago so the resulting auditorium is a little plain but is still a fine place to watch a latest movie.

Sadly the organ is little used now but still in its place with its ‘ghost’ piano.

The Hollywood Plaza had two screens and each seating 275 persons.