The Harbour Bar

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The Alonzi family have been making and selling ice cream in Scarborough since the turn of the last century when Giulian’s paternal grandparents left their mountain village home, near Monte Cassino in Italy. They first ran a small bar on Eastborough in Scarborough (occupied now by Café Fish). They had a small fleet of ice cream barrows and stalls on the beach. One stall at the Spa end of Scarborough (the posh end!) charging tuppence a portion and a second barrow near the Lifeboat House (the poorer end) charging a penny a portion.

The end of the Second World War saw the birth of the Harbour Bar, which then sold just ice cream and coffee and was run by Giulian’s mum, Annie, Dad, Tony and his Auntie Lucy. They opened their doors on August Bank Holiday Saturday 1945, and sold out of everything in two hours and took £48!