Blonde Bombshells of 1943

The world is a gloomy old place at the moment so if you feel like leaving it all behind for an evening then this is just what you need.

The story starts with an all-female band, led by Betty, who continually lose members after they play an American base, the GIs referred to as oversexed…and overrated. The Bombshells are booked to play on the radio for the BBC that evening so must head to Hull with some new members so the auditions commence. Those arriving to audition are far from what you would expect but, with little choice, are recruited.

A very simple story told through a brilliant eight-strong cast all oozing talent, both as actors and musicians, the production is simply presented and has you smiling from the start.

There will be many songs you will know as you are taken back to even darker times when the great British spirit loomed large.

Playing at the Stephen Joseph Theatre until August 26th

Gold star