Backstage School Week – age 11-16

Backstage School Week - age 11-16


A full week of workshops in the summer holidays focussing on the skills you need to work offstage in a theatre. The week runs Tuesday to Saturday and each session is three hours long. Scroll down to see the skills you’ll learn during the week. Sessions run: Tue 23 – Sat 27 July at the SJT in Scarborough Ages 11 – 16: 2 – 5pm Cost: £100 for all 5 sessions (£75 concessions) LIGHTING DESIGN | If you’re a budding theatre technician this is your chance to come and see some of the many techniques we use to tell stories with light. We’ll play with shadow, use different colour to change the atmosphere, and spend some time sat in the dark…and you don’t have to wear black! SET MODEL MAKING | It all starts with a model, the model gets turned into working drawings, and the drawings get turned into a set…then there’s the actors and audiences and other stuff before it all ends up being recycled. If you’re interested in design, construction, or building your own worlds, then together we can make the model! SOUND DESIGN | Explore elements of sound design used for making shows, from creating an atmosphere for a haunted house, to recording on location, manipulating sound, or making your own special sound effects. No experience necessary! STAGE COMBAT | We punch people in the face at the SJT all the time, but don’t worry, no-one gets hurt! Learn some of the principles and skills to safely perform unarmed stage combat – there’ll be slaps, kicks, punches, strangles, and if you’re really lucky you might get a poke in the eye! PROP MAKING | Join some of the prop making team at the SJT to design and make something magical. It’s all about wands! We’ll provide the equipment* you just need to bring your ideas. *Unicorn hair is out of stock. SFX MAKE UP | Blood, Guts and Gore… visit the SJT and go home with a black eye, or a bloody nose, a graze, a scar, or loads of gooey spots. Learn how to apply a range of dramatic makeup effects to impress your friends and terrify your enemies! COSTUME DESIGN | Come and see some of the incredible costumes from SJT productions, and design your very own. Includes the opportunity to make a miniature version of your own design, inspired by something you’ve seen or something original from your imagination… PUPPET MAKING | We’ll start simple with a sock and some buttons, then we’ll introduce you to a range of performance, design and construction techniques and you’ll have the chance to try out some of the incredible puppets we have here at the SJT.

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July 23, 2024 (2:00 pm) – July 27, 2024 (5:00 pm)

Stephen Joseph Theatre, Westborough, Scarborough YO11 1JW