Scarborough History

500BC Relics of the Bronze Age man found from this period.
370/400AD The Roman Signal Station at Scarborough Headland is built, this is abandoned within the first year. Further where built along the coast including Filey Brigg.
966 Thorgil nicknamed Skarthi (meaning Hare-Lip) and his Vikings decided to settle in the place they called Skarthi’s Burgh, or Skarthi’s Stronghold.
1000 A Christian chapel is built within Scarborough.
1066 Hardrada, King of Norway and Tostig burnt the town also destroying the chapel.
1100 The town received its first charter from Henry I.
1125 St. Mary’s Church was built circa 1125, based on a one room chapel.
1136 First Scarborough Castle built by William Le Gros, Earl of Albermarle. This later changed to William of Newburgh.
1157 The Castle taken over and new keep begun by Henry II
1158 Henry II strengthened Castle by adding a Large Tower and Keep
1225 The borough was permitted to levy murage and quayage tolls.
1253 There was a Royal Charter with permission to hold Scarborough Fair
1256 New quay built for Scarborough Harbour.
1265 Town taken into kings hands, due to the local Burgesses attacking the Constable of the Castle.
1275 Edward I held court at Scarborough.
1295 Scarborough is represented in the first full Parliament session.
1300 The Old Three Mariners Public House in Quay Street is built, and still stands in the same place today.
1314 Piers Gaveston besieged in the Castle
1318 The town attacked by the Scots under Robert the Bruce
1343 Castle barbican built and outer walls strengthened
1381 Riots in Scarborough during Peasants Revolt
1485 New constitution granted by Richard III
1536 Castle besieged during the Pilgrimage of Grace
1564 Elizabeth I granted to the Harbour for rebuilding the sum of £500, 100 tonnes of Timber and 6 tonnes of Iron.
1626 Spawwater discovered flowing into the sea by Mrs Elizabeth Farrow.
1645 The Castle was besieged by Roundheads.
1648 Second siege of the Castle.
1660 Dr Wittie’s book about the Spaw waters published.
1700 Dicky Dickinson builds the first Spaw House.
1720 Dicky Dickinson ‘Governor of the Spaw’.
1732 The Harbour Pier was extended to 1200 ft, granted by an act passed by George II the Vincents pier and the current East Pier were built costing £12,000.
1735 First record of bathing machines on Scarborough bay’s.
1735 Spaw destroyed from Seas.
1738 Spaw rebuilt larger and grander.
1738 Spa destroyed by earthquake.
1752 York-Scarborough Turnpike Trust set up.
1752 Vincents pier in the Harbour is completed.
1772 Much smuggling in the town. John Wesley visited.
1787 There are 1500 seamen in Scarborough Harbour, 500 of whom sailed for the East Indian Service.
1790 Press gang for the Navy in Scarborough.
1800 First Scarborough lifeboat launched.
1801 Lifeboat station established.
1808 Spaw suffers serious storm damage.
1820 Population of Scarborough 8000 inhabitants.
1825 Coach to Scarborough overturned.
1827 Spa Cliff Bridge opened by The Cliff Co. on 19th July. Locally called the “Penny Bridge” due to the Toll houses at either end, charging you a penny to go over.
1845 Scarborough – MaltonYork Railway opened. Scarborough Railway Station opens for first time.
1846 Scarborough Building Society was formed in May 1846 – making it the oldest building society in Yorkshire and the second oldest in the UK.
1847 Scarborough to Bridlington Railway opened.  Calling at Seamer, Filey, Hunmanby, Bempton, Flamborough and then Bridlington.  Joined the existing railway from Bridlington to Driffield, Beverley and Hull.
1853 The Market hall is built.
1857 13 August, Scarborough is hit by a great flood which destroys many buildings including St Mary’s church yard 
1858 Paxton’s new Spa Hall opened with a festival and a grand concert
1865 Valley Bridge is built.
1866 The North Bay pier is started to be built, initial cost is £12,135, by JW Woodall, partner in Woodhall and Hebden’s bank who financed the building.
1866 Scarborough Dean Road Jail opens and inmates moved from the Castle Road Jail.
1867 The Grand Hotel is Built
1876 Spa buildings destroyed by fire on 8th September
1877 The current spa building designed by Thomas Verity & Hunt of London, and work was started.
1880 The New Spa Grand Hall is opened
1886 The New Spa Grand Hall Restaurant is opened
1886 Valley Bridge taken over by the Scarborough Corporation.
1897 Marine Drive started to be built
1898 Warwick Tower was opened to public, however local opinions did not favor the tower.
1900 Scarborough College opened
1908 Marine Drive opened
1911 Peasholm Park land is purchased and work started on the Chinese theme.
1914 Town bombarded by German warships: 19 people are killed, the Lighthouse is destroyed and had to be demolished. There was further damage to the Royal Hotel, Grand Hotel and the Town Hall not to mention many more. The furthest bomb damage was three miles inland on a farm.
1915 South bay swimming pool opened at a cost of £5000
1916 Boyes Department store opened to the Public.
1917 Population in Scarborough more than doubles to circa 40,000
1924 – 1925 Corner Cafe complex built for the entertainment of children.
1928 Valley bridge opened to Public after being widened in 1928, officially opened in 1928.
1931 The Lighthouse is rebuilt replacing the demolished one destroyed by German Naval Ships.
1931 Scarborough’s Miniature North Bay Railway is opened, consisting of Miniature trains, bridges, slopes and signals.
1932 Open-air theater opened with ‘Merrie England’
1940 Lone Bomber dropped a bomb on Potters Bar, killing four people and damaging 500 houses. Most had to be demolished.
1951 The Cliff Bridge purchased by the council from The Cliff Co. for £22,500 with Toll Booths being dismantled and unused.
1957 The Spa is bought by Scarborough Council from The Cliff Co. for £110,000
1962 Closure of the Whitby to Scarborough Railway.  Stations included Scalby, Burniston, Cloughton, Hayburn Wyke, Ravenscar, Robin Hoods Bay and then to Whitby.
1966 Scarborough Millennium
1981 Three Million pound restoration of the Spa Grand Hall completed.
1993 Landslides at the Holbeck Hill pull the Holbeck Hill Hotel into the sea.
1996 Stephen Joseph Theatre is moved to the new home of the converted Odeon Theatre
2009 Scarborough Building Society merges with the Skipton BS to become the Skipton Building Society
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